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Artist: Elsebeth Lund, Song: Pige Træd Varsomt, Duration: 3:15, File type: mp3 №2310201951.

PIGE TRÆD VARSOMT - Poul Bundgaard med Bertrand Bechs pige træd varsomt

"Pige træd varsomt" Lulu Ziegler med Willy Sørensen's Strygeensemble 1949 Poul Bundgaard fylder 75 Poul Bundgaard - Husk altid på Vagabonderne på Bakkegaarden (1958)

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Fra Co-Optimistrevyen "Alle ni" 1926 Oprindeligt sunget af Karina Bell.Musik: Kai Normann Andersen ---- Tekst: Ludvig Brandstrup TONO Q 20014 - 1949.

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Pige Træd Varsomt Album has 11 songs sung by Anne Linnet

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Pige Træd Varsomt 1995 Pladecompagniet AS , Pladecompagniet.

Исполнитель: Anne Linnet

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Four stylii were used to transfer this record.

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Performer: LULU ZIEGLER; Willy Sørensens strygeensemble Writer: Kai Normann-Andersen; Ludvig Brandstrup Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute

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Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Pige Træd Varsomt · Kai Normann Andersen Musikken Er Af Kai Normann Andersen - De Bedste Vol

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℗ 1995 Pladecompagniet AS Guitar: Henrik Janson Composer, Lyricist: Kai Normann Andersen Assistant Engineer: Rasmus Winter Jensen Percussion: Rune Olesen Recording

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Pige Træd Varsomt

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